New Preorder: Corrupt Vision - These Hands of Mine

Toxic Wotsit

We're happy to announce we are releasing the debut album from Corrupt Vision!

Corrupt Vision is a high energy ska crossover grindcore band from Orange County, CA. Their debut LP “These Hands of Mine” is set to release June 4th, 2021. After releasing a handful of EPs, splits and singles over the course of a half a decade while honing their style and perfecting their sound, Corrupt Vision brings nearly half an hour of boisterous hardcore infused ska punk on this record. Recorded in Oakland, CA by Mateo Campos of the band Sarchasm and mastered by Will Killingsworth of Dead Air Studios, “These Hands of Mine” was created with the intent of trying to capture that true “crack rock steady sound” mixing fast paced ska punk with hard hitting grindcore. 

FFO: Leper, The Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Real Reggae, Slight Slappers, Le Scrawl, Chewed Up

Limited to:
Clear w/ Black Haze 100
White 150
Black 250

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