Haest - Distrusted Uniforms

Haest - Distrusted Uniforms

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We are living through a time of extremes. A time in which the true criminals are those who hold all the power.

These songs were written just before George Floyd was brutally murdered by the police. They were intended as a personal and philosophical discussion about the policing of outdated societal expectations placed upon us all through race, class, gender and lifestyle.

But, whilst we were recording, (and with the black lives matter protests still ringing in our ears), it increasingly became clear that there is no time for the personal or the philosophical when murderers in blue are walking free on our streets. Sometimes there is only time to say fuck the cops, fuck the patriarchy and fuck the capitalist system that empowers them both.

Please know; we are only allies. If you're hearing this message without listening to black voices, to womens voices, to trans voices or to queer voices then use this as a platform to find them and actively listen to their words and their songs. Haest cannot convey the truth from a place of privilege, we can only try to spread the message and support those who are truly affected.

ACAB always