Knife Club - Lockdown Acoustic EP

Knife Club - Lockdown Acoustic EP

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Label: TNS Records

Detail: Black 300

After spending months building up hype with the #whoareknifeclub? hashtag and a load of social media teasing, the Knife Club/TNSrecords supergroup project seamlessly managed to line up their launch and subsequent gigs and festival dates with the launch of a global pandemic and national lockdown and as a result, fell flat on its face. In response to this, the band formerly known as ‘the most mysterious band in DIY punk’ decided that the next thing they would attempt to do would be to see how much music they could release without ever playing a gig.

Ripchord records asked Knife Club to contribute a track to an acoustic punk compilation. All proceeds of the compilation go to the mental health charity Support In Mind –

The band managed to knock together a new version of album favourite, ‘The Tibby Tan Tiger’, substituting drums for a cajon and inviting Tessa Hunt (of Stand Out Riot fame) to add some violin. The recordings were made individually at home, during lockdown, with a mix of USB mics and borrowed equipment. Ben Hannah mixed it all together at Organworks in Leeds.